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Convert Stubs and Postman Collections

Qontract can convert stub data and Postman collections into Qontract files.

Importing a stub file

qontract import stub -o <qontract file>.json <stub file>.json

The stub file here must be in the format understood by the qontract stub command. Here to, the resulting qontract will be written into “qontract file.json” as specified in the command.

You can read more about the format in the command line documentation.

Importing a Postman collection

qontract import postman -o <qontract file>.json <postman collection file>.json

This command will read the postman collection, and write the new qontract file into “qontract file.json” as specified in the command.

To see the qontract on standard output instead, just omit -o filename.json.